TNL Rules and Guidelines

Tuesday Night League: Men’s Competitive Softball League Rules Document (2019)

– Two 7 inning games, starting 6:15pm sharp or sooner if possible no later. 15min grace period from 6:15pm is for game one, must start at 6:30pm if can’t the 1st game is forfiet and wait till 6:45pm for game two to start sharp or 2nd game is forfiet also.


Starting Aug 27th week until the end of the season (Sept 17th)  we will be playing two 6 inning games starting at 6;15pm with no grace period for game one, and a 6:30pm start time for game two IF game one is forfeit.


– Also IF daylight becomes a problem as the weeks continue we will switch to the 1-1 count to make it possible to get are games in.


Balls & Bats


– Hot Dot ball only


– Bats are to be Composite or Aluminium with ASA and USSSA approved new standards but not ASA only.


– we no longer have a 1-1 count to starting


Walk off homerun rule in affect, when a homerun is hit the batter hitting the homerun must go touch 1st base and all other runners must go touch there next base.


– DH rule…. you can have a player just bat in the order and NOT play the field.


– 10 run rule after 5 innings complete, 15 run rule after 4 innings complete during 7 inning games.


– Age limit is 16yrs old as of May 1st of are calender year and will have to sign a wavier I have.


– Homerun rule is match 2 (always up 2)



Stirke Zone / Area

Home plate and Mat will be the stike zone. The mat will be placed snug against the back of home plate. A pitched ball that hits either Mat or home plate will be called a stike.


–  6 – 12 feet pitching, If the pitcher can not consistantly pitch 6 – 12 ft and is being call for illegal pitching then the umpire can have the pitcher be replace for another pitcher as it is affecting the pace of the game.


– Pitchers are aloud 2 bat lenghes (6ft) ahead or back with in the pitching “shoot” but has to be able to throw 6-12 foot arc with in that rule.


 Batters box is now 3 feet in front of plate and 4 feet behind which means batters are now permitted to step behind the mat to hit the ball.


– Teams can play with 8 players with the other team supplying a catcher BUT plays at the plate have to be covered by the other team. Also when or if the extra (9th and 10th) player shows up he can be put at the bottom of the order and play at time of arrival. Only can you do this for your 9th & 10th player


– No Metal Cleats period…


Courtesy Runner Rule

– 3 courtesy runners per game, can not be the same runner each time and can be used from any base but only 3 runners per game. If you put a runner in that then comes up to bat and is on base it is then a recorded out for that batter.  If a injury occurs them the runner is replaced but the last possible out.


– Cancelation of games….the call is made at 5pm period and there are no making games up if rained out, umpires make the call to me, then I relay the message.


–  Player Suspension:  

If a player is tossed from a game for reason that the umpire finds fit he the player is then automatically done for the night (unless the umpire states otherwise). If the player continues to cause problems and is told to leave the field he then will be suspended for a minimum of 1 calendar week.  If the player’s action is deemed to be over the line, abusive or confrontational, by the umpire and supported by the league executive an additional suspension may be warranted.



There is to be NO alcohol in the dugouts or on the benches….If they (umpires) see it you may get a warning but if not a warning the player could be automatically ejected..

(Out of sight, out of mind guys)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

If a player during the games or after the games (in the parking lot) ill uses municipality property in anyway shape or form, that person /player will find themselves under possible ban / suspension for up to 1 calendar year


Player ejected from the game


When a player is ejected from the game his spot in the order then becomes a out for the remainder of that game UNLESS you have a bench player available to take his place in the batting order.


If you replace a player for one that has been ejected then that player will inherit his at bat count.







Disciplinary Policy – Abuse of an Umpire


– The abuse can be verbal or physical


– Umpire abuse – is defined as any deliberate action that makes an umpire feel physically threaten or verbally intimidated. Disrespectfully odjecting to calls made, yelling at, publically calling, constantly disagreeing with an umpire by action or verbally can be deemed umpire abuse.


– Immediate ejection of a player from a game me be applied without a verbal warning from the umpire when:

1) a player kicks or throws dirt on or at the umpire

2) a player makes intentional physical contact with a umpire

3) a player questions an umpires integrity

4) a player uses profane language that is directed at the umpire personally, a fan or an opposing player

5) a player spits at or on a umpire

6) a player directs an obscene gesture towards an Umpire, fan or an opposing player

7) a player throws objects from the dugout onto the playing area

8) a player draws a line in the drit with obvious intent of showing the umpire up


– Physical Abuse of an umpire – any incident that involves physical abuse by bodyily threatening, shoving, kicking, punching or harming an umpire in any other way will result in immediate suspesion from the league.


-Disciplinary Action for abuse of an umpirein


1st  incident – verbal warning to the player from the umpire

2nd incident – the player is ejected from the remainder of the game by the umpire.

3rd incident – the player will be subject to suspension up to a possible 4 games