February 23, 2020 League Meeting
– The Captains agreed by 6-2 vote to use the same six fields that were used in 2019, with Lunenburg booked as a seventh alternate site. (Moved by Jamie Graven/seconded by Calvin Laffin)
– The budget was presented by Steve Nauss. League dues for 2020 are set at $725 per team, with a deadline for payment of April 15. EFT is preferred.
– Captains vote 8-0 in favour of nominating Steve Nauss and Tammy Nauss to attend the annual Town of Bridgewater Volunteer Recognition Night and represent the league.
– Captains vote 5-3 AGAINST motion to remove mandated use of wooden bats at LaHave Street Field (Moved by Jamie Lilly/seconded by Charlie Rawding).
– Captains vote 7-1 in favour of motion as follows: ALL players are to use wooden bats at LaHave Street Field unless BOTH captains are in agreement that composite bats may be used by only female players or by all players. (Moved by Nauss/seconded by Andrew Ford)

Election of officers >>
Pat Hirtle is nominated for president by Steve Nauss. There are no other nominations. Hirtle acclaimed.
Steve Nauss is nominated for vice-president by Dan Crossland. Jamie Lilly nominates Amy Young as vice president. There are no other nominations. Both Nauss and Young are acclaimed to fill the two VP roles.
Travis moves to appoint Tammy Nauss as Treasurer for 2020, seconded by Dan, approved unanimously.

Rules Review >>
– The Captains vote 8-4 in favour of continuing wooden bat use at LaHave Street Field (Moved Nauss/seconded Crossland)

– The Captains vote 7-5 in favour of awarding no points for teams who refuse to use wooden bats at LaHave Street Field and that under those circumstances the points shall be forfeited by the non-compliant team to the opposition. (Moved Crossland/seconded by Justin Wentzell)

– The Captains vote 12-0 in favour of addition to league bat rule to read as follows (Moved Nauss/seconded Travis Vaughn)
With respect to damaged or cracked bats:
– 1) Any damaged bat is to be removed from a game for the safety of all players
– 2) If a player uses that same damaged bat again, they will be ejected from both of that week’s games plus automatically be suspended for the following week’s games; the player will also be referred to the Captains Committee for a hearing and possible supplemental discipline
– 3) If a player uses that same damaged bat again during a tournament, the player shall be ejected for the remainder of the tournament and referred to the Captains Committee for a hearing and possible supplemental discipline

– The Captains vote 12-0 in favour of the formal adoption of the Infield Fly Rule for purposes of league play (Moved Nauss/seconded Andrew Ford)

-The Captains vote 12-0 in favour of lowering the minimum age to play in the league to 17 years of age. Once a player has turned 17 years old, they become eligible to play. (Moved by Chris McCarthy/seconded by Nauss)

– Captains vote 12-0 in favour of change in ball procurement: Each team is now responsible for purchasing its own Hot Dot balls for league play. The league will no longer make bulk purchases as part of league fees. (Moved Nauss/seconded by Young)

Bridgewater and Area Mixed Softball
January 6, 2019

Present: Pat, Steve, Monique, Drew, Amy, Peter, Nick, Calvin, Mark, Jonathan, Guts, Kyle, Terry
Absent: Andy

Election of President
Calvin nominates Pat. There are no other nominations.

Election of Vice-Presidents
Calvin nominates Steve Nauss. Guts nominates Drew who declines. Steve nominates Amy.

Appointment of Treasurer
Calvin nominates Tammy Nauss. There

The President addressed the reps present and asked if there were any teams that were not planning to return for 2019. All teams are planning to return for 2019, the only note is that Andy Smith will be taking over for Brian Himmelman with Leading Edge.

The Captains agree by consensus to maintain 12 teams for 2019.

The following rule changes were submitted for discussion:

Three teams asked for the league to consider going to a wooden bats for men/composite (existing rules) bat for women system. After extensive discussion, a vote was called for and the Captains voted 8-3 against changing to a wooden bat (men) league.

Steve moved and Mark seconded that if a person is not listed on a roster they are not to be on the field of play. Approved unanimously.

Steve brought up the issue of scorebook discrepancies and who’s book we go by when the scores are disagreed upon. It was agreed by consensus that the HOME TEAM’S BOOK will be the defining book in the event of a discrepancy, but that Captains should strive to score check at the end of each inning.

Walk-off home runs were discussed and the issue of clarity for scorekeeping purposes was discussed. Nick moved that it be made clear that, unless otherwise agreed to by the Captains, there are no walk-off home runs and that hitters MUST round the bases or else the play will be declared dead and the batter will be declared out. Approved unanimously.

Drew moved that if you are in the batting order, you must play an inning defensively in the field at least once per game (unless there is an injury). Seconded by Mark. Unanimously approved.

Steve moved and Jonathan seconded that all games at LaHave Street Field in 2019 be played with wooden bats for men. Approved 10-1.

Clarification: Dan moved for clarification regarding four-base award/error: if a ball is hit over the fence, even if a fielder makes an attempt to catch it and makes contact, it will be considered a home run and will count against a team’s home run total. Seconded by Steve. Approved 10-1.


Tentative date for the 2019 season of note: First Night will be Friday, May 3, and the year-end tournament will be September 13, 14, and 15.

Direction was given to go back to a three round-robin game format for the year-end tournament, with three divisions and the top two seeded teams choosing their fields.

Motion to adjourn by Steve.


Bridgewater & Area Mixed Softball League
Regular Meeting
March 11, 2018

Present: Charlie’s Pizza, Alers, Freaks, 24Karat, Renegades, Steele, Benchwarmers, Exports, BW Insurance, Foley’s Team, Outlaws
Regrets: Gunners

Field Update
Steve updated the group. Regular season week nights will be the same. MODL notified that cancellations to get field credits now must be made at 3 p.m. on rainy days officially. The playoff dates will be confirmed after the end of March. Protocol will continue to be that if Dayspring closes, then the entire league will be shut down for the night. Captains were reminded to make sure players are following the house-field rules. Also, MODL will no longer be taking bookings in October. LaHave Street Field may be going back to locking that field up. Further information will be coming in on that. Mahone Bay and Lunenburg are the same situations as always, the good note is that Lunenburg’s financial rate is not changing after all.

Year-End Tournament, the recommendation is that we stick with the existing round-robin schedule as umpires have indicated that they can’t commit to staffing even a three-game round robin. There was discussion about self-umping and recruiting players from “other” teams to umpire games. Jamie suggested a fundraiser to hire in umpires from Halifax/the Valley. Foley suggested that umpires be assigned by team during the round robin on Saturday, with each Captain responsible for assigning an umpire to work a game in the other division, with each team being responsible for umpiring two round robin games on Saturday. Anyone doing umpiring has the authority to eject players from the game, etc., like a regular umpire would. Approved by consensus.

Balls and bases are coming from SportsWheels again as they are the most competitive price.

Budget Update
League fees are going up $41 to $731 to cover us off for 2018.

Year-End Event Update
THe Bridgewater Legion was priced out, too expensive. The Michelin Social Club has been booked for September 29. Blair Lipsett is booked in as DJ.

Volunteer Recognition Night — April 25 at BJHS
After some discussion, Steve nominated Dan Crossland and Nick Foley to attend on behalf of the league, seconded by Calvin.

Team Name Changes
All Captains will forward team name changes to Pat by March 31.

Dues Collection
League fees must be submitted by April 15.

Draw For Schedule
1 – Exports
2 – Renegades
3 – Alers
4 – Steele
5 – Gunners
6 – Freaks
7 – Outlaws
8 – BWI
9 – Foley
10 – Benchwarmers
11 – 24K
12 – Char Pizz

Adjourned at 1:36 p.m.

Bridgewater & Area Mixed Softball League
January 14, 2018

The River Pub — 2 p.m.

Present: Pat, Hiltz, Steve, Drew, Terry, Terry, Mark, Foley, Jamie, Brian, Matt, Calvin

Agenda Review

Election of the 2018 Executive

  • President
    Nominations for President called for. Brian nominated Pat, seconded by Terry C., Pat accepts the nomination. No other nominations. Pat is acclaimed.
  • Vice-Presidents
    Nominations for VP called for. Brian nominated Steve and Calvin. Steve accepted. Calvin declined, Steve nominated Drew, Drew accepts. Steve and Drew appointed as VPs.
  • Appointment of Treasurer
    Terry nominated Tammy Nauss to continue as treasurer. There were no other nominations.

Confirmation of returning teams/Captains for 2018

  • Confirmation of returning teams
    The 11 teams present are returning, Pat will reach out to Steele.
  • If required, new admission process review
    The Captains discussed the three groups interested in expanding the league. Consensus was that we don’t have the field capacity to expand the league currently.

General Business

Update on Fields

  • Mahone Bay Field (quash rumours)

Pat updated the group on Mahone Bay Field and quashed rumours that the field will be converted for multiple uses. The CAO in Mahone has advised there are no plans to use the field for purposes other than softball.

  • Lunenburg Field fees

Rates are probably going to go up from $225 for the season. We have been warned to expect that increase. Hiltz advised a new equipment shed and a new fence will be going in, following a successful grant application last year.

  • Lock box at LaHave Street Field
    The Town is really interested in a lock box and will be part of the budget discussion in the spring. We will proceed once we know whether the lock box survives the Town’s budget process or not.
  • Update on MODL
    We have been advised to expect there will be a cost increase. Regarding booking Dayspring fields, the “you had it last year, you get it next year” format is now changing. As of right now, we are May 4 to September 14, with the September 15/16 weekend booked, but we will not know what the end of our schedule is until that’s settled in April by MODL in conjunction with the other leagues.

2018 Year-End event and trophy presentation discussion
Steve reported that some folks have requested exploring a year-end dance/event again. Steve did some preliminary inquiries about the cost of a DJ, pricing estimated around $500/$600. Steve suggested the Michelin Social Club would be available with Michelin employees in the league at zero cost. Steve mentioned contacting the other leagues to share in the event as well, which was supported by the Captains by consensus. Steve moved that we approve the inclusion of funds for an end-of-year event in the 2018 budget, seconded by Foley, details to be determined. Approved unanimously. The target date that will be proposed will be either September 29 or October 6, depending on availability.

Brief Budget update
A draft budget will be sent out once we know what Lunenburg’s increase in cost will be for 2018. Steve asked a few questions, including if we will use umpires for Saturday and Sunday. There was an extensive discussion about whether the format for the year-end tournament should be changed, and if umpires should be hired. Brian moved we keep the round-robin format the same for the year-end tournament from the previous season (2017), but that Steve price the availability and access to umpires for the league’s information and that the pricing/availability be considered at the February meeting. Seconded by Steve. 10-1, Terry C. voting against.

SportWheels will sell balls for $70 a case again, which is the best price in the region. The “group” bases located at the field worked pretty well at the MARC next year. Steve noted that Cleve’s provides the best price on bases and he will be working with them. Steve asked for direction to buy all three sets of bases now, which the league did by consensus. Captains are reminded they will be required to take care to look after bases.

Rules Review

Request to amend rule 2.24 re: Courtesy Runners, which currently states:

The floor was opened to discussion. It was proposed that the rule be modified to say that batters can take runners from first base only unless an injury occurs. If a ball is thrown out of play, the batter may take a courtesy runner at second/third base. Moved by Steve, seconded by Matt, approved unanimously.

Request to discuss the practicality of using paid umpires for league regular season games. The cost and availability of umpires presents too much of a challenge and, unfortunately, having paid umpires for the regular season is impossible.

Request to deal with the bat rule: Will the bat regulations be updated to reflect that new “ASA-only stamped” bats are not permitted? Discussion occurred. Terry brought to the floor that the league move to the SPN bat rule, seconded by Drew. Approved unanimously.

Request to revise the league rule re: equipment to strongly encourage pitchers and batters to wear protective equipment. Approved by consensus.

Request to consider the “box” around the pitcher’s mound; there was concern about umpire’s discretion and enforcing that regulation, especially when it comes to self umpiring.
Other Business

Brian asked if anyone is getting new uniforms.



Motion to adjourn by Brian, seconded by Steve. Adjournment at 3:30.

2017 Bridgewater & Area Mixed Softball League
AGM & Rules Review Meeting
January 15, 2017


Present: Pat, Steve, Mark, Drew, Tammy, Tyler, Terry C., Terry L., Brian, Monique, Foley, Hiltz, Dan, Jamie.
Regrets: None.
Election of Executive for 2017

– Call for nominations for President
Brian nominates Pat. No other nominations. Pat is acclaimed President for 2017.

– Call for nominations for VP
Terry C nominates Steve; Brian nominates Calvin, Calvin declines; Terry C nominates Drew. Steve and Drew are acclaimed as VPs for 2017.

Appointment of Treasurer
Steve nominations Tammy to be appointed, Treasurer, approved by consensus.

Rules Review

– Introduction of Deposit Payment/Date
Discussion occurred. There was some concern around sponsors not putting up cash until late in the spring. Consensus was there would be no deposit, but teams MUST have paid by opening night.

– Deadline for Final Payment
Deadline will stay as April 15, still allows for lots of time to make payment. We need FULL payment of all league fees by opening night – the first Friday night in May – or else the team will not be permitted to play. Motion by Steve Nauss, seconded by Brian Himmelman. Approved unanimously. If payment is not made in full by May 15, a team will be expelled for one season. If that team reapplies for entry the following season, they will be required to make a 50% deposit on dues by February 15. Additionally, if a team cannot field a team on more than five occasions in a season, then that team must formally reapply for entry into the league the following season. Agreed by consensus.

– Procedure for dealing with failure to submit preliminary roster
The rules shall be reworded that rosters MUST be submitted and every game played without a roster submitted will results in a forfeit loss.

– Proposal to make both plate and mat a strike
Discussion around the plate becoming a strike occurred. Steve proposed to approve the plate/mat as a strike and the mats will be pulled flush to the plate. Steve moved to that effect. Dan seconds it. Vote 10-1-1 in favour.

– Steve requested reviewing the walk rule. Steve proposed that the rule be reworded to say that ANY walk to ANY player in front of a female batter sends the batter directly to second base and that the old “Girl Walk” rule be eliminated and the female behind must hit. Seconded by Hiltz. Approved unanimously.

– Jamie brought up walking off home runs. Foley moved and Steve seconded that home runs can be “walk off” in the event the Captains in an individual game decide to depending on environmental conditions. Approved unanimously.

Declaration of Intention to Return by Captains

Draft Schedule

Initial Budget Discussion

– Tentative expectations of any increased costs this year
Tentative costs for the year are $690. A discussion occurred about keeping Lunenburg as our sixth field. The wetness conditions of the field were noted, but with a lack of other alternatives, Lunenburg is kept as the sixth field.

– Steve talked about having a lock box in Dayspring for the bases. They have agreed to the proposal if we build it, maintain it, and they select the location. Steve suggested for security building something steel. Dan suggested upping league fees by $25 a team and building the lock box at Dayspring. Tyler will provide a design, Terry L would look after the paint for it, Steve will refer the design to MODL and proceed. Fees will be adjusted to allow for the purchase of three sets of bases.

– Discussion of paid umpiring for entirety of Year-End Tournament
Paid umps will be maintained for Sunday of the Year-End Tournament only.

Team colours
Terry L requested to go teal and will be known as 24Karat; Drew said purple on grey; Steve is getting new jersey but colours will remain the same; Mark is going red; Tyler reported the Misfits are intending to go silver/blue and will be known as Balls of Steele going forward.

Team numbers were drawn:
1 – Freaks           2 – Gunners       3 – Parsons ICF  4 – Crush            5 – Alers              6 – benchwarmers         7 – Misfits          8 – Charlie’s Pizza           9 – Renegades                       10 – Naturals                                  11 – Outlaws     12 – BW Insurance

Motion to adjourn by Steve.


Rules Review
1. Female player eligibility (adding/releasing players) during tournament play. Proposal: If a female has played at all for Team A during the tournament, she is ineligible to play for any other team during that same tournament.
ROSTER FREEZE BY 11:59 p.m. on SEPTEMBER 1. (12-0)

  1. Clarification on whether the league adheres to SPN re-entry rules.

3. Proposal: Pinch runners: A batter who has just become a base-runner cannot take a courtesy runner beyond first base. (10-2)

4: Proposal: Clarification that last possible out is male-for-male and female-for-female.

  1. Proposal: OFers should be required to relay the ball through an infielder, and then on to first base, to throw someone out on a force play at first base.
  2. Amendment to 2.15: No sliding permitted at first or home. (11-0)

Non-rule Items
7. Confirmation that all 12 teams will be returning in 2016.

7b. Do we play on Canada Day, as July 1 is a Friday. Discussion.
DAY OFF (8-4)

8. League Format: Is there interest in investigating a weighted schedule to improve competitive balance? Discussion.
(After receiving the request, I did some thinking on it and the most likely weighted format that could “work” would be to have the top six teams in the league from the previous year will play more games against the other top six teams; the bottom six teams will play more games against the bottom six.

Example: A team finishing 3rd would play Teams 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 three weeks each in a season; and Teams 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 one week each.)

  1. Adding Lunenburg as our sixth field for 2016 and dropping Michelin + as related to 2016 budget. Discussion.

Budget will be based on last year’s costs, with the changes of dropping Michelin and adding Lunenburg. Steve will draft a budget and e-mail the draft budget to Captains.

CP 6
OC 10

There will be no league organized Upcountry Tournament in 2016

12th Week would be wooden bat week (11-1) – Captains will consult with their teams and table the motion for approval until the February meeting.

The League Executive will have the power to cancel games because of inclement weather going forward (10-2)
STRIVE TO CANCEL BY 5 p.m. … could be later if weather changes

We stand adjourned.