BAMS League Constitution

The proceeding document outlines the structure, governance and procedures of the Bridgewater and Area Mixed Softball League. It is designed to serve as a set of guidelines to enable the year-to-year operation of the League to run smoothly and according to a standardized procedures.

The document is based on the traditions of the League and simply represents a codification of the rules and laws which govern roles, responsibilities and, when needed, disciplinary action.

Board of governors makeup

The governing committee (also known as the Captains Committee) for the Bridgewater and Area Mixed Softball League shall be as follows:

– One Captain for each team in the league who has voting privileges. In the event a Captain is unable to attend a league meeting, he may delegate ONE representative from the team to vote in his place.

– One President, elected to a ONE-year term. The president casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie among the League Captains. He does NOT vote on behalf of his team during normal voting. That responsibility must be delegated to another team representative. The President need not be a Team Captain.

– Two vice presidents. The vice presidents are elected for ONE-year terms. Vice Presidents CAN vote on behalf of his team during normal voting. The Vice Presidents need not be Team Captains, but they only retain voting rights if they are Team Captains.

– One League Treasurer. The League Treasurer cannot vote. He or she is appointed each year by a consensus of Team Captains or, in the event of disagreement among the Captains, at the discretion of the League President. The League Treasurer need not be a Team Captain.

– One League Secretary. The League Secretary may be appointed each year by a consensus of Team Captains or, in the event of disagreement among the Captains, at the discretion of the League President. The League Secretary need not be a Team Captain, but can be. The League Secretary has no vote as a Secretary, but may vote as a Team Captain if eligible.

The League Executive is comprised of the President, the two Vice Presidents and the Treasurer.

League Authority

The League Executive is in place to make day-to-day operational decisions relating to the normal business of the League.

The League Executive has the authority to:

– Draft the complete season schedule. The Executive may consult the League Captains at their  discretion.

– Set and collect League dues each year as deemed necessary to continue the normal operation of the League.

– Discharge monies from league funds to pay outstanding League debts.

– Represent the interests of the League Captains at meetings with Municipal officials, insurers or any group, entity or organization which requests an audience with the League.

– Set the location and date of the Year-End Banquet.

The body of Team Captains must be consulted by vote on any of the following matters:

– Player discipline. That is, any incident involving drinking, drug use or behavior in contravention of acceptable League rules or what is considered to be reasonable conduct that may result in suspension.

– Any changes to existing League rules and regulations.

– Matters pertaining to expansion of the number of teams in the league.

– Matters pertaining to the use of umpires for the Year-End Tournament.

– Matters pertaining to the addition or deletion of tournaments.

– Matters pertaining to the League Season, including general duration and frequency of the regular season, its games and tournaments.

As with normal Parliamentary procedure, any item requiring a vote must be brought forward by motion by a Team Captain. The mover must be supported by a Seconder. The mover has first right to speak to the motion, then the Seconder, then the floor is opened for debate, followed by a vote. A majority vote is required to pass a motion. In the event of a tie, the League President would cast the deciding vote.

If there is a tie and the League President is not present, the motion would be considered defeated.

In order to overturn a previously passed motion on a specific matter, a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Captains must support striking down the motion.


Elections for Executive Positions are held at the end of each September or early October, following the conclusion of the Year-End Tournament, but before the Year-End Banquet, so that the new executive may be introduced for the following season.

Each year, the position of President shall be elected first. A candidate for President who is not elected MAY be nominated for one of the Vice Presidential positions.

At the outset of the election process, the floor is opened for nominees for President. Nominees may be put forth by Team Captains. At the end of the call for nominees, sitting President shall ask if there are any further nominations three times. The vote will then take place. The same procedure is followed for the election of Vice Presidents.

The President and Vice-Presidents are elected for a one-year term.


In the event that a President or Vice President is derelict in his duties or otherwise in conflict with the League Captains without foreseeable resolve, the League Captains may call for a recall vote at any regular League meeting or any specially called League Meeting.

A RECALL VOTE is called with the intent to remove a President of Vice President from his position. A mover and a seconder are required for a motion to recall and the decision to recall must be  COMPLETELY unanimous. All Team Captains, the Vice Presidents and the President are permitted to speak to the motion once before the vote is called for.

A Vice President who is also a Team Captain MAY NOT vote on a recall motion that names him.

The vote MUST be unanimous. Example: If there are 12 teams in the league, ALL 12 Team Captains must vote to recall the President or Vice President facing the vote in order for the recall to be successful.

If a recall vote is successful, an election must immediately be held to fill the vacated role as President or Vice President.


In the event the a member of the League Executive chooses to resign, the following protocol shall be followed:

– President

In the event of the resignation of the President, the Team Captains shall hold a vote and choose one of the Vice Presidents to serve as the new President at the first possible meeting of the Team Captains. An open election would then be held to fill the vacated Vice President position.

– Vice President

In the event of the resignation of one of both of the Vice Presidents, nominations from the floor for Team Captains to fill the role(s) will be called for and a by-election will be held at the first possible meeting of the Team Captains.

Amendments to the Constitution

– Constitutional amendments must be supported by 50 percent of the Team Captains PLUS THREE additional Team Captains.

For example, in a 12-team league, it would require the support of six teams plus three additional teams (total nine) to pass an amendment to the League Constitution.

– This is to guarantee that any substantive changes to the Constitution have the overwhelming support of the majority of League Captains.

Expulsions and discipline

In the event of gross misconduct by a Team or its players, in keeping with League guidelines, it may be necessary to expel a team or player from the League or discipline that individual or team for a prolonged period of time.


A motion to EXPEL or DISCIPLINE a team or player must be put forward by a League Captain and the motion must be supported by a seconder.

In order to expel a team, as with an amendment to the Constitution, half of the League Captains PLUS THREE must support the motion, voting YES. The mover of the motion has the first right to speak to explain the motion for expulsion.

The Captain of the Team the expulsion motion is cast against then has the opportunity to respond in defence. The floor is then opened for additional comments from Team Captains.

The vote is then called for.

Standing Policies

League Expansion Procedure

The following is a guideline process for league expansion — i.e., the admission of teams — in the event that the league Captains wish to review the possibility of league expansion or a group lead by an individual organizer petitions for entrance into the league.

— The league Captains, by way of motion, must first vote to open up a call for applications for those who wish to consider entering an “expansion” team into the league. That call for applications should be made on this website, through the local print media and, if possible, through radio. Captains are also encouraged to share the call for applications through social media and personal correspondence (such as e-mail) as well.

— Once opened, the call for application window shall remain open for two weeks.

— If any applications for an expansion team are received by the League Executive, the President shall call a meeting, before which applicants for an expansion team shall be made known to the league Captains.

— The Captains, at the Expansion Meeting (which may be part of the annual Winter Rules Review Meeting or separate from it), shall review and discuss all would-be applicants. Applicants may be asked to participate in the meeting at the will of the Captains.

— A formal motion would be required to add an expansion club (or clubs) to the league.

Team Hand-off Procedure

The following is a guideline process for “handing off” teams in the league.

In the event that a Captain(s) no longer wishes to run his or her team, he or she may declare such. After declaration, any player on that team’s roster from the most recent season MAY TAKE OVER THE TEAM AS THE NEW CAPTAIN IF THEY SO CHOOSE. In the event multiple persons wish to take over a team, with different agendas, that shall be considered an internal matter of the team and the departing Captain is charged with the duty of choosing his or her successor from any candidates that may emerge from that team’s roster from the most recent season.

If no one on the roster from the most recent season wishes to take over the team, the club shall be considered folded and removed from the league registry.