2019 Year End Tournament

2019 Bridgewater Area Mixed Softball
Year-End Tournament and Championship

September 14 & 15

Divisions assigned by seeding:

Division (Field) 1
1 (Freaks)
6 (Gunners)
7 (Exports)
12 (Mariners)

Division (Field) 2
2 (24 Karat)
5 (Leading Edge)
8 (Bandits)
11 (Benchwarmers)

Division (Field) 3
3 (Alers)
4 (Renegades)
9 (Outlaws)
10 (Steele)

Saturday Round Robin
– Every team gets THREE round robin games, plus a minimum of one playoff game
– All games are seven innings in length.
– There will be a 10-run mercy rule after FIVE innings for all round robin games.
– Max run differentiation is +10.
– All games will be officiated by certified umpires, providing umpires are available to facilitate. Otherwise third-party umps will be engaged (no self umping).
– Schedule slots will be determined by regular season seeding in a snaking fashion.
– Home/Away for ALL games would be determined by flipping for the round robin. The team that wins the flip may choose to bat or take the field. The HOME TEAM provides three balls to start the game. If those balls run out, the teams are then to take turns “throwing balls in.”
– Round robin games that are tied after seven innings END IN A TIE.
– Tie breakers for round robin standings will be based on total wins, then run differential, then runs for, then a coin flip.
– All rosters are to have been finalized by end-of-day on August 31. In circumstances where a player is believed ineligible, the online rosters shall be the final determinant of eligibility.

Sunday Playoff Round
– All games are seven innings in length.
– There will be a 10-run mercy rule after five innings for all playoff games.
– All games will be officiated by certified umpires.
– ALL teams qualify for Sunday’s playoff round, with the top FOUR seeds getting a bye through the play-in round.
– A new ball will be provided for each playoff game, with each team throwing in a ball to start. Thereafter, teams will take turns throwing balls in.
– Playoff games that are tied after seven innings begin extra innings with “one out and the last batter from the previous inning on second base.” This is the case for each extra inning. Play continues until there is a winner.
– Match ups in the playoffs will be ENTIRELY decided by seeding. Therefore, in each round, the highest ranking team remaining would play the lowest ranked team remaining.


Saturday – ROUND ROBIN

9 a.m.
FIELD 1 – Gunners vs Exports
FIELD 2 – Leading Edge vs Bandits
FIELD 3 – Renegades vs Outlaws

10:15 a.m.
FIELD 1 – Freaks vs Mariners
FIELD 2 – 24 Karat vs Benchewarmers
FIELD 3 – Alers vs Steele

11:30 a.m.
FIELD 1 – Gunners vs Mariners
FIELD 2 – Leading Edge  vs Benchwarmers
FIELD 3 – Renegades vs Steele

12:45 p.m.
FIELD 1 – Freaks vs Exports
FIELD 2 – 24 Karat vs Bandits
FIELD 3 – Alers vs Outlaws

2:00 p.m.
FIELD 1 – Exports vs Mariners
FIELD 2 – Bandits vs Benchwarmers
FIELD 3 – Outlaws vs Steele

3:15 p.m.
FIELD 1 – Freaks vs Gunners
FIELD 2 – 24 Karat vs Leading Edge
FIELD 3 – Alers vs Renegades



9:00 a.m.
(G1) Alers (7) – Leading Edge (10) (MARC 1)

(G2) Steele (8) – Mariners (9) (MARC 3)
10:15 a.m.
(G3) Gunners (5) – Exports (12) (MARC 1)

(G4) Outlaws (6) – Benchwarmers (11) (MARC 3)
11:30 a.m.
(G5) Bandits (3) – TBD (MARC 1)

(G6) Renegades (4) – TBD (MARC 3)
12:45 p.m.
(G7) Freaks (1) – TBD (MARC 1)

(G8) 24 Karat (2) – TBD (MARC 3)
2:00 p.m.
(G9) TBD – TBD (MARC 1) * Highest remaining seed plays on MARC 1

(G10) TBD – TBD (MARC 3)
3:15 p.m. (apx)
(G11) TBD – TBD (MARC 2)